Pro-Tip Turbo Disposable Syringe Tips







Product description

Many dental procedures require instant, clean, dry air. Pro-Tip Turbo has a unique 2-chamber system to separate air from water. This guarantees instant dry air when and where you need it. Pro-Tip Turbo also produces a perfect mist every time. Some existing metal nozzles and a number of disposable nozzles leak water. Pro-Tip Turbo overcomes this with an exclusive bayonet locking system which attaches the tip firmly to the syringe at the base and a clear separation of air and water through two separate channels.

Key Features

  • Unique bayonet fitting - eliminating potential hazard of the tip blowing off!
  • Dry air EVERY time
  • Perfect misted spray - due to constant air/water mix
  • Rigid design - helps to retract tissue
  • Protects patient from potential cross infection
  • Eliminates costly and potentially hazardous autoclaving of traditional metal tips


Pack of 250 Syringe tips