BeeSure SuperSlim Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves (300)

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Nitrile Gloves






Product Description

The new Beesure nitrile gloves come in environmentally friendly packaging. They have everything you want, tear resistant, extreme strength but minimum thickness, anti-slip grip performance and excellent tactile sensitivity.

(£2.30 per 100)


Key Features

• Non-Latex - No latex allergies.

• Powder-Free - Eliminates powder allergies and skin irritation.

• Smooth Polymer Inner - Provides excellent wet donning capabilities.

• Textured - Offers excellent grip.

• Colour - Cobalt Blue

• Super Compact Packaging – Offers three times the quantity of gloves packed in the same box size.

• Post-Consumer Fiber Packaging - Conserves the environment through reuse, recycling, and reduction of packaging waste.

• Glove Box Holder – Fits into all standard glove box holders



XS to L: 300 gloves in a box

XL: Only 250 gloves in a box

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