NSK Surgic Pro2 Optic Surgical Implant Motor With SG20L 20:1 Handpiece



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Product Description

The Surgic Pro2 has been designed to enhance the performance of the Surgic Pro with a range of new specifications to ensure greater comfort, efficiency and safety during implant treatment and oral surgery.

A large part of the success of the Surgic Pro has been as a result of the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) function guaranteeing more accurate speed and torque control, and the Surgic Pro2 takes this further still.

The accuracy of the torque value is dependent on the state of the handpiece bearings and gear abrasion which the Surgic Pro2 calibration now takes into account to display more accurate values. AHC corrects the differences in the handpiece’s condition by minimising the discrepancy between the set torque value and the actual output which helps to improve overall treatment outcomes.


Key Features

LCD Touch Panel - Visibility is guaranteed with the large, back-lit, high-contrast, LCD panel. The display can be adjusted in 10 brightness levels. The display's intuitive and easy-to-understand icons allow for smooth operation.


Easy-clean flat screen display - The sensitivity of the touch panel can be adjusted to reliably respond when surgical gloves and surgical barrier sheets are in use. Ultra narrow bezel of the display makes cleaning easier. The new design takes into account the latest treatment and cross-infection control requirements.


Silent and Smooth Irrigation Pump - The irrigation pump provides consistent and steady flow operating quietly in the background. Irrigation tube set-up is simple and straight-forward and the pump fits seamlessly in the compact and elegant design of Surgic Pro2.


FOOT CONTROL WIRELESS - Bluetooth connectivity allows selection of the optimal position without worrying about cable length. The foot controller is 400g lighter than the previous model (handle included) making it easy to reposition. You can keep your focus on the treatment.


Linked with the "VarioSurg 3" ultrasonic bone surgery system - Surgic Pro2 can easily be linked with the NSK ultrasonic surgical system VariosSurg 3 by adding our bluetooth link module. With the NSK link stand the two units can be safely stacked to save space.


One Foot Control - You can easily switch between Surgic Pro2 and VarioSurg 3 for improved flexibility and workflow.


Linked with iPads - Installing a dedicated application and connecting an iPad to the control unit enables real-time display of detailed procedural data, such as the rotation speed and the torque range. Procedural data can also be saved. Data can also be displayed and saved when connecting with Osseo 100+. Traceability data management of procedural details allows implant treatment to be tailored to individual patients.


Visibility is significantly improved with the high-resolution colour LED - Use of high-resolution colour LED allows blood and gums to be seen as if naturally-lit, thereby providing increased visibility during treatment. The LED light source generates a minimal amount of heat and has excellent life expectancy.






1 year

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