Woodpecker Implanter LED Plus Surgical Unit Optic with 20:1 Surgical Contra Angle Handpiece



Surgical Units






Woodpecker Implant Unit delivering high-precision dental implant treatment.  Comes with wired foot control, irrigation support, 20:1 speed reducing handpiece and handpiece stand.

Intuitive User Interface

Large, colour, easy clean screen enables clear display with intuitive visual images for each procedure.  Preset parameters eliminate setting process. 

The mute peristaltic pump makes for easy irrigation tubing installation and silent operation.  Compatible with most irrigation sets.


  • Rotation speed -                300 - 40,000 rpm
  • Torque Range at 20:1 -     5N.cm - 80N.cm
  • Max pump output -            110ml/ min
  • Main unit dimensions-       276mm x 276mm x 110mm
  • Motor weight -                   140g

Motor with Precision and Strength

Light weight LED micro motor realizes flexible operation, compatible with most 20:1 optic surgical handpieces.

The imported powerful Swiss motor can guarantee up to 80N.cm of output torque, making difficult surgery easier.  The motor and motor cable are fully autoclavable.

LED Contra-Angle 20:1

Contra-angle handpiece with precision components and imported bearings offering precision and accuracy.  Scratch resistant coating with ergonomic design offering durability and longevity.  Combination of motor and handpiece provides perfect hand balance reducing fatigue in complex surgery.

Flexible Multi-Function Foot Pedal

Multi-function foot pedal ensuring hand-free control.