Bien Air Chiropro Plus with 20:1 L Micro-Series Contra Angle



Surgical Units





2 years



Product Description

The cornerstone of the new implant motor developed by Bien Air. A fast, simple and efficient solution for your implant dentistry procedures. For implantology, periodontal surgery and oral surgery.


Key Features

Easy to clean device - The single rotary knob is easy to remove from the unit for sterilization. In addition, the control panel is protected by highly resistant glass that is easy to clean.


Smart foot pedal - To command the micromotor’s speed and rotation variation, toggle the peristaltic pump, and control the operation sequences.


Patented irritation system - All our systems are equipped with a highly practical peristaltic pump, designed and patented by Bien-Air. Our irrigation lines incorporate an insertion support ensuring very easy handling and optimal hygiene.


Intuitive control knob - With its single rotary knob, navigation is easier than ever before. Simply turn the knob to scroll through the menus, then click to confirm your choice.


Accurate Micromotor - Thanks to its high-precision electronic system, the torque selected on the console corresponds exactly to the torque obtained at the output of your instrument *. No further calibration is needed. It‘s as simple as that.

* According to tests carried out in Bien-Air Dental’s research laboratory, the torque values displayed on Bien-Air Dental systems are considerably more accurate (+/- 5% margin of error) than those displayed on competitor systems (+/- 10% margin of error).



1 x MXi-LED micromotor

1 x 20:1 L Micro-Series contra-angle

5 x irrigation lines

Trio maintenance pack.