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dental equipment collection features a premium selection of high-speed and speed increasing contra angle, speed reducing contra angle, slow and fast speed dental handpieces, speed handpieces from the industry's most trusted manufacturers ( NSK, Bien Air, W&H and Mk-Dent). Designed with precision and durability in mind, each handpiece ensures exceptional performance for every dental procedure. Whether you're performing intricate restorative work or routine cleanings, our handpieces offer superior torque, control, and comfort, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing patient experience.

NSK Pana Spray Plus Maintenance Oil 500ml

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MK-Dent Handpiece Maintenance Oil 500ml

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Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler HW-3H

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DTE Ultrasonic Scaler Non-Optic (Plastic body) HD-7H

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Satelec Compatible Handpiece - Optic DTE Scaler HD-7L
NSK Prophy-Mate Neo

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