W&H Assistina Twin Oiling Machine with RM & ISO Quick Adaptors

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Product description

The Assistina Twin from W&H is unique among maintenance devices: with its innovative duo-chamber system, lubrication in record time and the environmentally friendly Care Set, it impresses all along the line. The Assistina Twin has now been enhanced with an innovative adaptor solution: Quick Connect by W&H. 

This adaptor system offers you even more benefits for your everyday practice. The Assistina TWIN is ergonomically designed to work effectively and efficiently making it even quicker and easier to maintain your handpieces. Through the innovative oil nebulization technology, W&H has been able to reduce the maintenance process to just 10 seconds processing up to 360 handpieces per hour. For lightning quick and incomparably thorough results.

Available with a flexible range of adaptors (specified at order point)


Key features

  • Easy to use - Owing to the quicker and simpler assembly and removal of transmission instruments using the release button.
  • Quicker adaptor change - Thanks to optimal preparation: The different adaptors can be prepared outside the device before and during the maintenance process
  • More flexibility - By preparing the adaptors that you actually need.
  • Improved processes - Thanks to simple actuation and quick connection via Quick ISO or Quick RM adaptor.
  • HEPA filter - All aerosols are eliminated from the process chambers via active suction and integrated 



W&H Assistina Twin Oiling Machine

RM & ISO adapters included

Twin Care Set