KaVo EXPERTmatic Lux E25L (1:5)






2 years



KaVo EXPERTmatic Lux E25L (1:5)


The EXPERTmatic Lux E25L has a speed-increasing handpiece transmission 1:5. It's fast and precise working thanks to even smaller head, snap-on facility and ceramic bearings. It has the best reliability thanks to internally conducted spray water and air, 3-port spray, and replaceable water filter and has perfect lighting thanks to the 25,000 Lux glass rod light conductor.
All EXPERT series Kavo handpieces come with a free 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Spray-Microfilter: KaVo EXPERTmatic - Best reliability. Always ready to use thanks to the replaceable spray microfilter.

Grip: Fast cleaning and efficient grip thanks to the new KaVo EXPERTgrip surface and the new smoother shape now without crevices.

Service life: On track for the entire practice. KaVo original ceramic ball bearings guarantee a much longer than average service life and excellent, vibration-free operation.

Ease of use: Reliable and handy; with a retention power of upt to 30 Newton, the KaVo pushbutton chuck system holds the bur securely in place, thereby facilitating complete ease of use.

Cooling: The temperature is always right. The 3-port spray emits a fine mist of spray, ensuring that the instrument is always optimally cooled – right up to the bur tip.

Head size: Improved treatment efficiency and accessibility thanks to the new smaller standard head size.

Speed-increasing: Head: 14.7 mm, Head diameter: 10.2 mm

Light: A perfect view. With 25,000 LUX, the glass rod fibre-optic bundle of EXPERTmatic illuminates the preparation area perfectly – with not a shadow to be seen.

Hygiene: As clean as a whistle. KaVo instruments can be washed (in a Miele thermodinsinfector) and sterilised at up to 135°C in autoclaves